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About Triple O Group

Triple O Group is the parent company of Triple O Construction and Triple O Landscaping. We are the “one source” for all of your facility maintenance needs.

Triple O Construction professionals understand the unique character of the industry, the pace of change, the value of brand equity and the need for adaptable, cost-effective real estate. Founded in 1999 as an independent construction company, we began acquiring equipment in order to provide our customers with their maintenance needs, eventually taking on landscaping maintenance and porter service.

Triple O Group’s integrated facilities services offer the flexibility necessary to meet the unique requirements of each and every customer.

These programs enable you to choose from new construction and renovation, landscaping and irrigation and/or facilities maintenance services. We are an environmentally aware facilities maintenance company that is involved in all aspects of property service and maintenance.

We are a 24 hour property service company with a passion for providing the best possible service in the industry. We have developed a reputation for quick response time and 100% customer satisfaction.